R&D Projects in Last Ten Years
Projects Sponsored by the Ministry of Textiles
Sr. No. Title
2006 - 2012
1. To find Alternative to Conventional Jute Batching Oil for improving Spinnability and to Produce Non Toxic and Hydrocarbon Free Jute Products
2. Manufacture of Jute Braided Cloth by Appropriate Design Incorporation in Braiding Machines
3. Development of lightfast bleached, dyed and finished jute fibrics for manufacturing export quality home textiles
4. Development of Technology for manufacturing of Ramie based jute products
5. Development of jute-bamboo composites for application in rural areas
6. Energy efficient green housing technology for jute sector
7. Development of Aroma Based Home Textiles
8. Multifunctional Ceramic based nano-finishing out outdoor textiles by sol-gel method
9. Development of Low Cost Jute Bags
2004 - 2005
10. Implementation of Skill Development Programme on Improving Agriculture Practice, Retting and Upgradation of Jute Fibre Quality
2003 - 2004
11. Implementation of moisture retention technology for jute yarn
12. Quality assurance of food grade jute bags
13. Implementation of RBO(II) technology to manufacture HCF bags (50 kgs)
14. Development of packing ring chair sheet-cum-backrest for EMU coaches
15. Optimization machine and labour productivity for some occupations in jute mills
16. Biochemical process technology for retaining the optimum moisture in bulk processing of jute fibre
17. Reduction of microbial count of value added jute products
18. Biochemical Process Technology for retaining the optimum moisture in bulk processing of jute fibre
19. Development of Anti –Microbial Jute Products through reduction of microbial load
2002 - 2003
20. Field trials with different newly developed 50kg capacity jute bags for their standardization
2001 - 2002
21. Retention of Optimum Moisture in Jute by upgraded Enzyme based Technology
2000 - 2001
22. Development of new enzyme additives to augment spinning productivity to a high level in jute industry.
23. A new application of enzymatic method for processing uncut jute fibres on spreader machine for hessian and sacking batches
24. Methodology of Economic Utilization of Lubricants in the Spinning Preparatory Section of Jute Mills
25. Development of Jute Blended Technical Textile Products and Entrepreneurs development