R&D Projects in Last Ten Years
Projects Sponsored by other Agencies
Sr. No. Title
2006 - 2012
1. Study on Jute-Thermoplastic Components for Automotive & Other Continuous Profile Applications
2. Development of Laminated Pack Sheets for Baling of B-Twill Jute Bags
3. Development of Suitable Processing Technology for Decorticated Jute
4. Commercial Application of Specially Treated Woven Jute Geo-textiles in River Bank Protection
5. Automatic control of emulsion wastage in softener Machine
2004 - 2005
6. Development of woven jute geo-textile for civil engineering applications
7. Productivity Norms for the Jute Industries for 50 kg B Twill bags for foodgrains.
8. Development of Durable Jute Geo-textile and its soil interaction
9. Development of wider and stronger Jute Geo-textiles
10. Designing of New Metallic Card Clothing for Jute Cards.
2003 - 2004
11. Optimization of man-machine ratio for productivity improvement in jute industry and development of norms.
12. Technical promotion of jute geo-textiles (a continuing project from 2003-2004 to 2009-2010)
13. Development of new geo textiles

Part A : Development of woven jute geo textiles for soil and resource conservation

Part B: Rot Resistant jute Geotextiles

Part C: Soil Interaction

14. Designing of new metallic card clothing for jute cards
15. Improving industrial efficacy of RBO Technology
16. Development of new geotextiles

Part B: Rot resistant jute geotextiles

2001 - 2002
17. Value addition to jute floor covering by controlling its microbial load (Bio-burden).
18. Radiation Sterilization of Jute Packaging Material
2000 - 2001
19. Development of flexible rapier looms for jute weaving.
20. Quality assurance of Food Grade Jute Product
21. To formulate Quality and Productivity Norms for the Jute Industry(Part II) Weaving
22. To develop New Generation Sacking Bags